The Roles of the Board of Commissioners and the Audit Committee-FCGI Booklet II



Audit Committee Self Assessment Checklist

Item13-Audit Committee Self Assessment Checklist-Sept06-annex1

Pelaksanaan GCG pada Bank Umum-FAQ SE BI

FAQ-SE-BI-9-12-DPNP-Pelaksanaan GCG pada Bank Umum

Pedoman Pembentukan Komite Audit Yang Efektif-KNKCG

Pedoman Pembentukan Komite Audit yang Efektif-KNKCG

Pedoman Umum GCG-KNKCG

Pedoman Umum GCG-KNKCG-060906

Step-Self Assessment Scorecard System on GCG Practices-FCGI

Steps-Self Assesment Scorecard Sytem on GCG Practices

Corporate Governance Self Assessment Checklist-FCGI


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